D-Day: Normandy

D-Day: Normandy is a World War 2 action shooting game created by Vipersoft and improved by other volunteers. It is built upon the Quake2 engine, but includes new maps, player models, and a whole new style of game play. D-Day: Normandy is a team-based game where Allies (USA/British/Russians/Polish) battle against the enemy Axis (German and Japanese) on different maps set across the world with different climates and different terrains. D-Day can only be played with an Internet connection. Any computer newer than year 2000 should be able to run D-Day. You do not require an advanced 3-D graphics card.

Teams win a game after either…
Collecting enough points (from taking or destroying objectives)
Killing enough enemy troops
The amount of points or kills to win a game depends on which map (level) you are playing.

Server: games2.erwinsrealm.com