A modification of Team Fortress, which is in turn a modification for Quake, written by Bill Kerney, AKA Shaka[UVM]. It allows players to mix and match weapons, armor, speed, and special abilities from all of the different classes in Team Fortress. Originally it was just limited to the items in Team Fortress, but has since then evolved considerably, using the same general framework to offer a number of new items to buy. Generally speaking, players are given $10,000 ($11,000 on many servers) with which to build a class, and may rebuild their class as often as they desire, returning as the new class after the next death. All of the stock Team Fortress classes are still in the game, for players who want to get into the game quickly.

The game, like with Team Fortress, is usually played in rounds lasting between 30 minutes and an hour, with the player or team with the most points (frags) winning the match. Players are allowed to sell their frags for more money to buy equipment, but this often puts them so far behind on the scoreboard, that even with a better class, they often cannot retake first place. This also introduces a slight RPG element into the game, where the more “experienced” players during a game are rewarded with better weapons at armor (albeit at a high cost to the scoreboard, limiting a players desire to upgrade). At any one time, a player may have a total build value of no more than +$5,000 over the normal build limit (at a cost of 50 frags). If the person ever rebuilds, the excess money is lost. This, again, is intentionally discourages people from upgrading, as anti-classing can become a serious issue when you can’t rebuild.